Eat Seasonal: Scallion Recipes

After poring over this seasonal produce grid for the best way to order fruit and vegetable features, it's sort of awesome that it worked out to kick off the Eat Seasonal series with scallions. Also known as spring onions, this vegetable is a permanent fixture in my mom's kitchen. I can almost hear her chopping them as I type this! Scallions are in season in Massachusetts from May to September; stock up and try and or all of these six recipes:

1. This scallion pancake recipe takes mere minutes to prep and is a huge hit every single time I make it.

2. The 12-ingredient marinade for these scallion skewers is a little more involved than I would normally prep for a quick family dinner, but you could gain economy of scale by multiplying the batch and storing in your fridge (all ingredients are long pantry shelf life items).

3. This recipe for grilled cubanelles, tomatoes, and scallions is a done deal in 15 minutes. WIN.

4. If you like baking, these scallion and cheddar popovers are a simple, savory option.

5. I’m always on the hunt for good vegetarian recipes for Laurel; this mushroom and scallion frittata offers a good protein hit while using lots of scallions.

6. This 3-ingredient scallion ginger sauce can be your go-to condiment on top of, well, anything apparently.

Image credits: scallion thumbnail via; all other images via linked websites