Welcome, Bright Horizons at Fan Pier!

This post is sponsored by Bright Horizons; personal opinions about day care are -- of course -- my own.

Every spring when I (somewhat begrudgingly) tackle the challenge of sorting out Laurel's summer schedule, I'm reminded of what a shock it was to go from the year-round reliable awesomeness of day care to an elementary school schedule, particularly since Laurel wasn't exactly receptive to frequent changes and transitions (e.g., different camps on different weeks) after said reliable awesomeness.

I also still well recall the challenges of finding infant care in the Boston area. It's simple math; wait lists are longer since there are less infant care opportunities around. Subsequently, I'm always thrilled when I hear about new options opening up for parents, which leads me to the excellent news that Bright Horizons -- a supporter of this website and a provider of aforementioned year-round reliable awesome childcare for countless families -- is opening a new center in the Seaport District (Fan Pier) this July!

The new location will offer Infant – Kindergarten prep programs and is currently accepting enrollments in all programs. If you want to drop by and get a sneak peek of the facility, meet staff, and learn about their programs, you can attend one of the upcoming hard hat tours on June 19, 25, and 27, or call 617-737-1296.

Welcome, Bright Horizons at Fan Pier, and thanks for all you do for families!

Image credits: Bright Horizons