Eat Seasonal: Cucumber Recipes

During my postdoctoral fellowship, I earned the nickname Kohcumber because I snacked on cucumbers every single day at the lab. For some reason, I fell out of that (excellent) habit, but this week's Eat Seasonal feature on cucumbers is inspiring me to load up my next grocery cart with cukes! Cucumbers are in season in Massachusetts from June through August; here are 9 (actually, 10) great ways you can enjoy them:

1. Cucumber tomato bites = easy yet beautiful appetizer.

2. Korean cucumber salad is always on my mom's dining table!

3. This cucumber watermelon salad looks so refreshing and I love that it includes feta and walnut for salt/crunch contrast.

4. If you're looking for a show stopper, these beetroot and tuna cucumber rolls are gorgeous. The recipe is a little more involved, but I'd cut prep time down by using canned beets, chopped.

5. I love one pot (or one blender) recipes like this chilled cucumber avocado soup.

6. Tzatziki = refreshing condiment that's loaded with protein. Great as a veggie dip or as a condiment for your grilled fare!

7. You only need 4 ingredients for this cucumber basil sorbet. (Perfect excuse to bust out my ice cream maker!)

8. And you only need 3 ingredients for this cucumber lime margarita.

9. I want these 10-minute refrigerator pickles for my next burger.

10. And as an added bonus, if you get tired of eating cucumbers, try one of these 3 DIY cucumber facial masks.

Image credits: cucumber pile via; all others via linked sites above