Dr. Smith's Spa Party Wrap + A Giveaway!

A couple of days before I headed off to Disney with my mom and the girls, I had the delightful opportunity to host a spa party with the wonderful folks at Dr. Smith's. Sometimes I can't believe that my work involves awesome things like helping moms prioritize self-care! The gathering was so fantastic; I wanted to share a recap and also a fun giveaway for you all.

Dr. Smith's is a diaper rash ointment, though since Violet is potty trained and I'm all about repurposing, I recently started using Dr. Smith's for Vi's eczema, which has started cropping up again out of nowhere (ugh). Since this product is all about baby care, I thought it would be fun to arrange an event that was related but focused on mama care. Because man, when you are in the trenches of feeding and diapering all day, more than ever you need time when it's all about you! (I know you know this already.)

The gathering was simply delightful: stylish (hello, W Boston) yet chill, tasty (man, I love finger sandwiches and macarons), relaxing (hello, Bliss Spa manicures + hand/arm massages), and wonderfully social. It was a lovely group of moms (it's always so thrilling for me to meet members of this community in real life!), many with babies in tow. Amazingly, the babies took a cue from the surroundings and were adorable and chill the entire time. No joke. In a way I was kind of hoping one would freak out so I could swoop in with some snuggle power! Here are some highlight photos and you can see more here and here.

Dr. Smith's treated these mamas so well and they wanted to extend a gift to one of you awesome moms (let's keep the party going!). Up for the winning is a gift basket including $200 worth of educational toys, bilingual board books, a plush toy, baby care essentials, and Dr. Smith's product (see photo below). This giveaway is open to US entrants and you need to be a Boston Mamas newsletter subscriber by April 14. Good luck, and thanks again to Dr. Smith's for such a wonderful party!

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