10 Easy Easter Egg Ideas

When it comes to holidays, I'm all about pretty and simple. I do admire the aesthetics of fancy egg decorating projects, but they're just not practical when you're trying to execute (and also have fun with!) craft projects with kids. As I was prowling for ideas to work on with the girls this coming weekend, I decided to share 10 easy Easter egg ideas where the steps are few and the results are beautiful. The hard part will be narrowing down which options to try!

1. Making melted crayon eggs is super easy: simply cook and scribble!

2. You can use shaving cream as a decorating tool -- who knew??

3. Mess-free washi tape eggs = major win.

4. Paper towels + food coloring = tie dye eggs.

5. Simply adding a rubber band makes traditional dying look super cool.

6. Multitask your Sharpies for this egg project.

7. Marbleized eggs, thanks to nail polish! Amazing.

8. Gorgeous leaf print eggs. I'm going to reserve some of my cilantro for this!

9. These painterly pastel eggs are so simple and pretty!

10. Remember how I mentioned Laurel is obsessed with ombre? We're probably going to end up making these ridiculously easy ombre eggs.

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Image credits: all images via linked sources above. Featured photo by Fabrizio Bucella on Unsplash