Keeping Connected in 2015

Hello friends, there's been a lot of digital chatter about Facebook reachageddon (translation: you soon won't see Facebook updates for pages you have liked unless the page pays to promote updates). I understand why Facebook wants to further monetize their platform and this model is challenging for little indie operations like me, who don't have a giant (or remotely formal) marketing budget.

I will admit, it's challenging (OK, sometimes enormously frustrating!) to be someone who is passionate about creating quality content, and to have that content go into a calculated void when shared on social platforms that people have opted in to follow. So today I wanted to share a variety of ways to keep connected with Boston Mamas (and me more personally) in 2015. Because in addition to what I'm working on here, I'm planning some exciting projects for 2015 and I want you all to be the first to know about everything (especially since some opportunities will be limited in spots)!

1. Blog feed reader. To get all updates from me in a timely fashion, you can subscribe via RSS for Boston Mamas and Christine Koh (my repository for all of my various work...I also plan on returning to more personal blogging there). I keep up with all of my favorite blogs via the Feedly app on my phone. So handy!

2. Direct e-mailed blog posts. If you'd like to have blog posts dropped right into your email, you can do so with Feedblitz

3. Newsletter. I only send the Boston Mamas newsletter 1-2 times (usually once!) a month, but it's a nice way to get a wrap of the previous month's content. I also typically include other external handy content and sometimes exclusive giveaways.

4. Instagram. Of all the social platforms, I'm newest to Instagram and I love it. This is the platform where I get more personal with my shares and I plan on using it more in 2015 as I continue to experiment with photography. I also love engaging with people on Instagram; at the moment, it's the most conversational of the social platforms.

5. Pinterest. I love Pinterest. It's where I compile and share ideas that are useful, clever, and beautiful. 

6. Twitter. Twitter was the very first social platform I started using and I really hope it comes back to a conversational level. Meanwhile, I really appreciate that it still maintains a sequential time-stamped approach to its feed and I use it daily.

7. Facebook. I will continue to update to Facebook on the off chance that you will see posts there (and because I know people love engaging on Facebook), but with rare exceptions I probably will not pay to promote content (note said lack of formal marketing budget!).

8. Google+. I share posts daily via Google+ and though I don't hang much there, I think I will explore this further in 2015.

9. E-mail. Though sometimes I get totally buried in e-mail, I always love hearing from readers. Feel free to drop me a line at!

And that's it! I'm curious about what platforms you love (or don't love); feel free to share in the comments below!

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