DIY: Easy & Cute Duct Tape Belts


Has the duct tape craze hit your house? It's been sticky craft madness around here ever since Laurel discovered it! We've got duct tape flowers, wallets, bookmarks, coasters, and more around the house. The other day when Laurel asked about ideas for a new project I -- ever the proponent of usable items -- suggested we make some cute belts. It's such an easy and cute project and I wanted to share the DIY with you today.


1. Assemble your materials. You will need duct tape(s) of choice, two belt loop rings per belt, and a pair of scissors. I recommend not using a linear pattern duct tape so you don't have to worry about wrinkles and lining up patterns (unless you don't care about wrinkles and lining up patterns, in which case GO FOR IT).

2. Cut and line up the belt pieces. Cut two pieces of duct tape to the length you want your belt + a few inches (use an existing belt as a guide for length). Lay one piece pattern-side down on your work space. Slowly (and reasonably evenly!) lay the second piece sticky-side down on top of the first piece. The amount of overlap (sticky side to sticky side) should be the width you want your belt.


3. Finish the edges. Fold the sticky side down one edge of the belt then flip the belt over and repeat on the other side.


4. Finish the belt ends. Loop one end of the belt through both belt rings. Fold the end of the belt over about 1.5 - 2 inches. Cut a new piece of duct tape about 3-4 inches long. Then cut this piece in half so you have two long skinny strips (one for each belt end). Lay one strip sticky side up and lay your belt on top front-side down, centering the skinny strip with the raw end of your belt. Fold the two sticky pieces over so they cover the raw ends of the belt. Repeat for the other end of the belt.


You can embellish your belt with other contrasting duct tape patterns but I wanted to keep mine simple and wearable. Laurel followed suit! So cute, right? I hope you have fun with this project!


Image credits: Christine Koh