8 Cute Swim Trunks for Boys

To complement last week's roundup of 8 cute tankinis for girls, today, Lindsey (also of A Design So Vast) shares a roundup of 8 cute swim trunks for boys:

When it comes to choosing bathing suits for my son, I have one simple, but essential criterion: they stay on. After that, it's fun to consider solids, prints, and stripes. Some boys like board shorts, and others like elastic-waist trunks. Whit is now 8 years old, so we've been through a lot of bathing suits over the years. Here's a roundup of some of our favorite swim trunks for boys:

1. J. Crew's board shorts have great prints. Whit loves these anchors board shorts. They also offer solids and trunk cuts. Bonus: you can match Dad! (J. Crew, $48)

2. Hanna Andersson's trunks are as well-made as the rest of their clothes. Also, great rashguards. (Hanna Andersson, $26-38)

3. These red and blue striped trunks are classics. Janie and Jack also offers adorable prints and good sale prices. (Janie and Jack, $23)

4. This octopus print made Whit smile. Lands' End swimsuits are well-priced and also durable enough to hand down to younger brothers. (Lands End, $15-20)


5. I love these lighthouse trunks, but Boden also offers an enormous selection. There is sure something for every boy! (Boden, $24)

6. Vineyard Vines offers trunks printed with scallop shells, sailboats, and other preppy motifs. These are pricier but absolutely adorable. (Vineyard Vines, $55)

7. It's hard to beat Old Navy for value, and they offer great basics such as these bright blue trunks with orange detailing as well as fun patterns. (Old Navy, $9-15)

8. These madras swim trunks make me wish Whit still fit into the toddler sizes. He and I both love madras. (Gap, $18)

Image credits: 1) Hanna Andersson; 2) Graphic by Christine Koh, products as referenced by number above