13 Years

13-years-1.jpgToday is Jon and my wedding anniversary. Thirteen isn't a classic milestone; in fact, it's a number that gets a bad rap, but when I think about the number in terms of all of the things that Jon and I have experienced together (e.g., two children, six apartments, two countries, three graduate degrees, two major career leaps, and countless burritos and scoops of ice cream), the number simply feels major. I couldn't help but peek through our wedding album last night...
Wow, were we young when we got hitched! I don't think I wore any makeup save a little lip gloss, and we definitely did not eat enough of this amazing cake from Montilio's. If you know anyone who is getting married, remind them to eat during the wedding!


I was initially a little resistant about the idea when my mom first proposed it, but I'm so glad I wore a Korean hanbok during the wedding, especially since my beloved grandmother died not too long after our wedding (and the wedding was the last time she was with the whole family before she passed away). My dad looks a little grumpy here but this photo reminds me of how much I miss him. (Amazingly, I've had a few instances since our wedding where I've busted out the hanbok, e.g., leading a Korean culture day at Laurel's preschool.)


Thanks to my mom, this past Saturday Jon and I made it out for an anniversary celebration. We dined and strolled around the South End, and this is a photo I snapped while we're enjoying one of the aforementioned countless scoops of ice cream.


Jon, I'm so grateful for you every day; thanks for being married to me.