"Minimalize" Your Workflow at Mom 2.0 Summit

m2s-im-speaking-2013.jpgTomorrow I head to Laguna Niguel for Mom 2.0 Summit and I'm excited for many reasons. First, it's always so powerful and energizing to connect in person with the blogging community. Second, this will be the first time I've seen Asha since Minimalist Parenting launched (no need to tote my Flat Asha cardboard cut out!). And third, Asha and I are leading a session called "Minimalize" Your Workflow: Practical Steps for Enjoying Your Blogging More By Doing Less and also doing a book signing for Minimalist Parenting at the conference. Yay!
Meanwhile, I wanted to take a moment to thank Asha and my book tour sponsor for Mom 2.0: Cozi. The Cozi app (which is recommended in our book!) is fabulous for digitally oriented parents who need help keeping track of schedules, to-do's, and more (that's, like, almost all of us right?). The app is based on sharing -- every family member signs into the same account to allow for collective planning -- and helps families keep on top of appointments and to-do's via digital notifications. Cozi's basic version is free, and their Gold subscription is ad-free and offers additional features such as a birthday tracker, interactive monthly calendar view on mobile, and more. Handy, no? In Minimalist Parenting you'll find that we are major proponents of calendars and to-do lists. Fewer items to mentally juggle, fewer notes written on your hand = GOOD. So go on, give Cozi a try! And thank you Cozi, for your support!