8 Ways to Make Mom Friends

mommy-card.jpgToday, Judy (also of Talking Thirty) shares 8 tips for making mom friends:

As a new working mom, one thing I struggled with was meeting other local moms with kids my son's age. I either had local friends who weren't moms or mom friends who weren't local. I felt it was important that my little guy form childhood friendships and that I connect with local moms who shared similar interests. Unfortunately, my work schedule made it impossible for me to participate in weekday, daytime mommy & me classes and local playgroups. Over time, I found ways to forge friendships; here are 8 ways to make mom friends:
1. Meet your neighbors. Organize a neighborhood BBQ or potluck to meet families who live nearby. Proximity is key to building friendships in our busy adult lives. When you have repeated, casual interactions and don't have to go out of your way or make elaborate plans to meet up, bonds form more naturally.

2. Leverage community spots. Your neighborhood park, library, or café can offer a great way to meet other parents. Try going during early morning hours when it's less crowded as people are more likely to chit-chat when you are the only ones there.

3. Make friends at day care. Linger a little longer at your child's day care drop-offs and pick-ups as a way to meet other moms. Chances are they're looking for playmates, too, and together, you can start your own weekend playgroup.

4. Volunteer at family events. Consider volunteering at family weekend events that other moms will naturally gravitate towards, such as school fun fairs. (Caveat: I recommend avoiding the dunk tank.)

5. Connect during parenting classes. One way to meet friends with kids the same age as yours is to socialize before/after childbirth preparation or postpartum classes. Check out Isis Parenting; they offer lots of classes for parents.

6. Use the internet. Sometimes it's more convenient to locate and converse with other moms initially through online services like Meetup. Facebook groups and local mom blogs are also great ways to make connections.

7. Work out. If you're a mom who enjoys working out, consider signing up for a gym with a reputable child-care program and kids classes. It's also a great way to meet a gym buddy who can help hold you accountable to your workouts!

8. Just do it. Adult friendships don't always come easy and it can be intimidating to make the first move. Give it a try though; and if it helps, simplify the process and reduce awkward fumbling for pens and exchanging of contact information with some cute mommy cards.

Image credit: Mommy cards by tinyacorn via Etsy