My New Pal Zarbee's

Zarbees bee.pngI first heard about Zarbee's at Alt Summit, and then learned more about them this past summer when I attended an event hosted by my friend Liz Gumbinner. But it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago -- when I was wrestling with the dreaded winter sore throat and cough -- that I tried the product. My childhood experiences with (incredibly nasty tasting and only somewhat effective) cough syrup has resulted in me avoiding the stuff as a grownup, but given that I'm on the phone constantly for conference and media calls these days, and given that Zarbee's is all natural, I decided -- while in the throes of hacking up both lungs -- to give it a try.
And man, the stuff works! Zarbee's has an intense flavor of the natural, honey-infused variety (i.e., thankfully not the nasty chemical variety) and soothed my throat and suppressed my coughing not only for said conference and media calls, but also while sleeping. HOORAY. In addition to their day and night product for adults, they also offer day and night products for kids 2 years and up, and a version for toddlers 12 months+. Personally, the availability of 12 month+ product is major in my book given that I've so far found it difficult to find under-age-two medication for Violet when necessary; it's a relief to know there's something age-specific for Vi when she next is struggling with a cough. (Part of me knows that when the doctor recommends Benadryl for Vi it should be fine to give her Benadryl, but the fact that all the labels say do not administer to kids under age 2 stops me in my tracks every time.)

So, in a nutshell, I wish none of you (or your kids) the dreaded sore throat and cough, but should you find yourself in that position, I recommend you try Zarbee's. Free of chemicals + effective = win!

Also, writing this post made me think back to the lovely time I had at the Zarbee's New York event. It was fun to meet Kristin Davis (she's a Zarbee's fan and quite charming and down to earth) and especially delightful to spend time with the talented Kimberly Coleman (far left) and Isabel Kallman (far right).


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