You Helped Change Lives. And That Is Ridiculously Awesome.

MP-Ethiopia-150px.pngFriends, you are amazing. Simply amazing. Asha and I are so grateful to everyone who participated in our #HelpWomenAtRisk fundraiser for Ethiopian women. Every book purchased, every blog post and social media update, every moment of attention helped us honor a journey that began in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, shortly after we turned in the manuscript for Minimalist Parenting.

Thanks to you, we're donating $650 to WOMEN AT RISK. This amount represents 100% of the royalties and Amazon Associates fees earned from books purchased during the campaign + a matched donation from our fabulous publisher, Bibliomotion. This donation will directly help Ethiopian women who are working to rebuild their lives. Here are just a couple of those women:


Huge thanks to ONE for not only supporting this campaign, but for introducing us to Ethiopia, Women At Risk, and its employment partner, fashionABLE. And a special thanks to the writers (listed below) who shared about #HelpWomenAtRisk on their blogs. Your creativity and heart made a big difference in people's lives, including ours. What an amazing community this is.

Image credit: Karen Walrond