12 Chocolate Cupcake Recipes

Hey, so apparently tomorrow (October 18) is Chocolate Cupcake Day. I don’t know who makes up these random holidays but I'm on board, are you? I love chocolate. I love cupcakes. I love cute little wrappers. I love piping bags. So in honor of this delicious random holiday, I assembled a collection of 12 chocolate cupcake recipes via Pinterest. Now, to decide, which recipe to try first?

1. For those avoiding gluten: flourless chocolate gluten-free cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting.

2. For those avoiding gluten + animal products: gluten-free vegan chocolate cupcakes.

3. Also gluten-free + nostalgic for me (I ate a disturbing number of Hostess cupcakes in my youth): gluten-free "Hostess" vanilla-creme filled chocolate cupcakes.

4. I can never say no to this flavor marriage: peanut butter chocolate cupcakes.

5. Mmmm, coconut: chocolate cupcakes with coconut buttercream frosting.

6. For those who like a little savory with their sweet: bacon chocolate cupcakes.

7. Ever the crowd pleaser: chocolate cupcakes with nutella frosting.

8. Go big or go home this season: pumpkin pie stuffed chocolate cupcakes.

9. Classic pairing: mint chocolate cupcakes.

10. Feel less guilty by adding fruit: lemon raspberry chocolate cupcakes.

11. Different and fancy: pear and white chocolate cupcakes.

12. You had me at salted caramel: eggless chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel frosting.

Image credits: cupcake images via Pinterest; compilation graphic by Christine Koh