This Is All Becoming Very Real

minimalist-parenting-heart.jpgEver since Asha and I finished writing Minimalist Parenting in July, we've been chipping away at a seemingly endless to-do list (actually, multiple to-do lists...thank you, Basecamp) related to the book. All the work has been good and productive (for example, check out our new website, which I redesigned during the winter break, and please join our totally non-spammy mailing list!) and it's incredibly exciting to finally be in the year 2013 and realize, OMG, we can now say the book comes out THIS YEAR and start sharing some of what we've been up to. Here are two exciting developments:
1. We have a book trailer! I'm not sure words can fully describe how I feel about this book trailer, but suffice to say, watching it makes my eyes leak and my spirit soar. Asha and I worked so hard to create a video that: 1) is not a boring book trailer; and 2) captures the spirit of our book. I hope you love it as much as we do -- and if you do, please feel free to share and embed!

We're immensely grateful to Jen Bolitho, Stephanie Brubaker, Leslie Fandrich, Sarah Hubbell, Jim Lin, Rachel Matthews, Irène Nam, Stephanie Precourt, Karen Walrond, and Maile Wilson for their beautiful photography, and to Karen Walrond for her mastery in bringing our storyboard to life.

2. You can pre-order the book! For real. Minimalist Parenting is available for pre-order via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Powell's. I won't pretend to understand the fancy bookseller algorithms, but I do know that healthy pre-orders help open up distribution, and that Amazon is more likely to discount books with strong pre-orders (they also offer a pre-order price guarantee so if the price drops between now and the release in March, you get the lowest price). So will you pre-order a copy (or 10)? If you're uncertain about whether to order, take a look at some of our advance praise (which has also been making my eyes leak).

3. Actually, there's one more thing. The time I have dedicated to Minimalist Parenting makes me even more excited when talented friends publish books. For entrepreneurial and general life inspiration, order C.C. Chapman's Amazing Things Will Happen. C.C. is a local entrepreneurial powerhouse who is also one of the most down to earth, smart, and loving dads I know. The story of his personal/professional journey is just as compelling as his nuggets of professional wisdom. And for those looking for home/budgeting inspiration, order Amy Clark's The Good Life for Less. Amy is such a bright and positive light in the blog community, and her book is replete with practical ways to make your home life happy and yummy.

Thank you everyone, so much, for your support during this journey. Let's
start a movement!