5 Mighty Accessories

ms-benches.JPGA few weeks ago I arrived home from Mighty Summit with my heart full of admiration for the talented women I connected with on the trip, and my head and notebook full of inspiration resulting from conversation and reflection time. I also returned with lovely accessories -- some of which I've been wearing, well, pretty much constantly. I wanted to share them here because they are awesome and I think you will love them too.
1. Bizarrely, I have no vibrant blues in my closet, so when given the opportunity to pick a pair of Tieks I chose electric blue. And who would have imagined: they go. with. everything. In California, I wore my Tieks with a chartreuse pencil skirt (shown) as well as an almost all white ensemble. Since returning home I've worn them almost every day; they're perfect with skinny jeans.


2. I'm usually into gems and metals when it comes to jewelry but this bamboo chevron necklace by Feisty Elle? Makes me feel like the ultimate eco-friendly hipster. This is another great accessory because it goes with practically everything; I especially like it paired with a lace trimmed tank, skinny jeans, bright belt, and, yeah, my Tieks.


3. I tend to go for bold jewelry since my clothes tend towards neutral, but my roommate Stephanie had me rethinking that equation -- she wore a lot of beautiful minimal pieces. This quintet necklace by Lemonade Handmade was of a similar vein. And I love wearing it because the five rings remind me of the five goals I set while at Mighty Summit.


4. Last year for my sister Stephanie's birthday, I bought her the Epiphanie camera bag I was coveting because, well, it was a big year for her and I wanted to do something nice (while apparently torturing myself). As karma had it, she bought the same bag for me for my birthday! I already own the Stella and am thrilled to now own the Clover (yay, I can fit my laptop!). Maile Wilson of Epiphanie Bags not only started the stylish camera bag revolution, but she is just the most delightful person. (Also amazing? Katherine Stone of Postpartum Progress -- who is shown here with the Stella bag.)


5. Finally, Lands' End. Yes, the place where I get Laurel's snowsuits and run around kicks. Also purveyors of the big, sturdy tote that made it possible for me to get my stuff home. The other reason it makes this list? The ZIPPER. I know this might sound minor but I have about a bajillion totes and bags, all lacking proper closure and Jon always finds it frustrating when we travel and I load the car with open bags full and spilling everywhere. I think this is going to be my new overnight bag. (Also awesome? Laura Mayes, who is part of the Mighty Summit team and many other ventures and also a delightful friend. It took me several looks at this photo before realizing she's delivering my monogrammed tote! Thanks, Laura! I also love your colorblock dress!)


Image credits: 1 & 2 - Christine Koh; 3 - Feisty Elle; 4 - Lemonade Handmade; 5 & 6 - Maile Wilson