Happier at Home

happier-at-home.pngWhen I was in New York for BlogHer, I was thrilled to celebrate my friend Gretchen Rubin at her book launch party (if you're interested, here are some very happy photos!). I loved reading The Happiness Project and am now immersed in Gretchen's new book, Happier at Home (given how crazy things have been with work and general household minutia these days, I've been particularly tuned to the marriage chapter). Gretchen is awesome -- so warm and down to earth and smart. She's going to be reading at Brookline Booksmith this Thursday at 6pm; I hope you'll be able to attend. We all deserve to be happier at home!
Note: If Gretchen's event is anything like Jenny Lawson's reading for Let's Pretend This Never Happened, you may want to get there early. I could not even get downstairs to the reading area to see Jenny, though Brookline Booksmith handled it well, piping the audio in to the rest of the store. Conversely, not being able to get downstairs meant I was able to get in the front end of the book signing line!