Summer Kitchen Camp


Things have been a little hectic here so I haven't had a chance to share my Stonyfield Buzz Blog posts. I'm writing a series called Summer Kitchen Camp, through which I share recipes that are not only tasty and fun, but also encourage kids to become facile in the kitchen (yes, one of these days your kids will make you dinner!). I have a couple more posts forthcoming, but today I wanted to share three posts that have gone live so far. So. much. yumminess. Also, I should really issue Laurel props for being a fantastic helper, both in the food and photography (she's a very patient model!) domains. Thank you, Laurel!

1. This pudding recipe is awesome on its own or in pudding pop format.


2. Vegetarians can enjoy BBQs too! This Korean marinade can actually be used for meat and tofu, and these grilled pizzas are super fun to make.


3. For a healthy dessert and fun kids project, try these rainbow parfaits. So pretty!



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