Summer Kitchen Camp


There have been a lot of yummy endeavors underway in my kitchen this summer, thanks to my Stonyfield Summer Kitchen Camp series (through which I share recipes that are not only tasty, but also encourage kids to have fun in the kitchen). A few weeks ago I shared three kitchen camp posts (pudding pops, vegetarian BBQ, rainbow parfaits) and today I wanted to share the final two posts in the series. Try something new over the long weekend, or really, these recipes are good any time of year. Enjoy!

1. Laurel and I made these brownie hearts and bites for the rehearsal dinner of my sister's wedding last month. They were insanely good. Also, they disappeared really fast.


2. Remember when it was unbearably hot a couple of weeks back? These no-bake Greek yogurt tarts served as a yummy, heat element free, and not terribly bad for you dessert. I can't wait to make them again. So yummy. And pretty too!


Enjoy, enjoy!

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