Elevate the Everyday

elevate-the-everyday.jpgI have developed a deep appreciation for many things in the six years since I started this blog, and two of those things are photography and daily reflections of gratitude. So when my talented friend Tracey Clark told me she was writing a photography book called Elevate the Everyday, I thought, this sounds divine. And the book is just as delightful and artful as I imagined it would be, given Tracey's general thoughtfulness about life and her experience with publishing (among her publications is the lovely Expressive Photography).
Tracey kindly sent me what may very well be the most elegant and beautifully tactile media kit I will ever receive; it included her new book + some lovely paper goods from Paper Coterie (which, I just learned while prowling around on their site, is offering 25% off on products to celebrate Tracey's book this month). What I love about Elevate the Everyday -- and what I suspect will appeal to many novice and budding photographers out there -- is that the book is pretty much the polar opposite of a boring camera manual. Through stories (Tracey's + guest writers), accessible instructions (think of it as a friend telling you how to work your camera vs. said boring camera manual), and plenty of beautiful visual examples, Tracey helps you figure out how to use your camera, then find and capture the beauty in everyday moments.

This is such a beautiful book -- a wonderful gift to yourself or a friend. Moms often serve as unofficial family photographer, and in that role with a two-year-old DSLR, I've learned so much from Tracey, and I think you will too!