Humbled & Honored

one-moms.jpgFriends, I'm diverting from regularly scheduled editorial today because my mind is swimming after my trip to Washington, DC yesterday. I am humbled and honored to share that I am now part of the ONE Moms advisory board, through which I will work on inspiring community action around issues such as maternal and child health, agriculture, and the empowerment of women and girls in developing countries. As part of this work, this fall I will travel to Ethiopia -- I can barely wrap my head around the magnitude of this upcoming trip; I know it will change my lens on, well, everything else in my life. And you all are part of why this is happening and I can't thank you enough.
So, you'll see me sharing periodically here at Boston Mamas about ONE related initiatives that I think will resonate with you. And let me say right up front that I will not be asking you for donations on behalf of ONE; instead, I will share about initiatives in the hopes that you will be inspired to take action, whether that is a 2-second click of the mouse or time on the ground at an event...all of you have powerful voices, however you decide to use them! I am so excited to share about ONE's work, which resonates deeply with me on so many levels, and I know will resonate with you as well.

This work also is so relevant to another social good project I'll be sharing with you all soon (we're just working out some final kinks). So stay tuned for that -- it's something that all of you can get involved in if you wish!

Finally, among yesterday's briefings, I had the pleasure of meeting Roger Thurow, author of the recently published The Last Hunger Season: A Year in an African Farm Community on the Brink of Change. He is amazing and has dedicated a substantial chunk of his investigative journalism life to the global food crisis. I started reading his book yesterday on my way home and am already blown away -- I hope you'll consider reading his book.

Added 9:16pm: If you want to take a 5-second important action right now, please sign this petition to help make the beginning of the end of AIDS a reality. Thanks so much! (It really only takes 5 seconds -- I just signed it myself!)

Image credit: ONE Moms