Maud Morgan Arts

maud-morgan.jpgToday, Kate shares an art center I'm itching to try with Laurel:

My daughter has always loved art. From her early daycare days of finger-painting and messing around with sand, through coloring and cutting, and now up to learning how to sew and knit and make complex collages, she is drawn to create using color and materials and shapes. And while she always makes a beeline for the art table at school and we have collected boxes full of art supplies at home, there are still limits on what we're able to do ourselves. For this reason, I was thrilled to discover Maud Morgan Arts, a wonderful art center and school discreetly hidden on Sacramento Street in Cambridge.
Tucked behind the stately home of the Agassiz Baldwin Community -- itself a vibrant neighborhood gathering place -- Maud Morgan offers classes for all ages in a range of decorative and physical art, including pottery, woodworking, drawing, silk-screening, print-making, photography, and painting. The space is airy and bright, and offers several studios of different sizes and configurations. Maud Morgan Arts also holds events to showcase the creativity of its students and faculty. Named for a prominent Cambridge artist who passed away in 1999, Maud Morgan Arts is a wonderful addition to the greater Boston art community and a great place for children and adults alike to follow their creativity.

Maud Morgan Arts, 20A Sacramento Street, Cambridge; Tel: 617-547-1647

Image credit: Jack Horner via Maud Morgan Arts