PYOP Studio

pyop-studio.jpgToday, Debbie (also of Two Adopt Two) shares her adventures putting PYOP Studio in Northborough to the test with her kids:

My kids and I have painted plenty of objects at plaster-painting shops. With relatively few choices in paint colors and no wait to have the object kiln-fired, these outings were great when my kids were younger. However, now that they're 8 and 9, we have been seeking more adventure (and my kids now can handle delayed gratification!).
We subsequently were thrilled to test out PYOP Studio on behalf of Boston Mamas. This bright, happy, and oh-so-organized ceramic painting shop in Northborough cheered us up as soon as we walked in on a recent rainy Saturday. Enthusiastic staff showed us the selection of over 200 objects and the staggering array of paints available for glazing them. The objects range in size from figurines to serving platters, and include such finds as hand mirrors (the glass is put on after firing), pirate skulls, and Seder plates for the Passover table. (Yes, you can eat off the dishes.)

Once we made our choices, we brought bottles of paint back to our cafe-like table and got to work. There's no limit to the number of colors you can use, but if you get bored, you can vary your brush size, squeeze out paint from a squeeze bottle, or paint ceramic "add-ons" that will stick onto your piece when it's fired in the kiln. If you need ideas, check out the stencils and sample books. We spent about 90 minutes during our leisurely visit; it would take less time for decisive and fast painters.

I'm looking forward to returning with my kids again, and recommend you try PYOP Studio soon!

PYOP Studio, 290 W. Main Street, Northborough; Tel: 508-393-3100