Thrilled to Announce...

read-write-necklace.jpgSo, what seems like a million years ago, I issued a call for writers. After I issue the call, I admittedly had a moment wondering what I would do if no one responded! Instead, the response was overwhelming -- I was truly honored by the interest, and so happy and inspired to learn about the amazing women who applied to write for Boston Mamas. What a group of rock stars! It took me longer than anticipated to go through the applications because I read every single word and looked at every single website of affiliation. But now, finally, I am so thrilled to announce the new crew!
First, however, I want to issue tremendous thanks to the existing team, many of whom have been with me since very early on, when Boston Mamas was just a blip on the online radar. Thank you Amy, Carole, Kate, Jules, Sheri, Jennifer, Paige, and Lindsey -- you are all amazing and I am so grateful to know you. You can read more about their awesomeness here.

Now, I wanted to take a moment to introduce the new folks, not only because they are fantastic, but because I wanted to share why I selected them and how this impacts you as a reader. In a nutshell, as I read through the applications, clearly, there were talented women of all editorial stripes -- some very active in social media, some not. While yes, I suppose I could have made my job a lot easier and increased my promotional opportunities by simply selecting those who already were steeped in social media and had active followings, I found myself naturally gravitating towards applicants who could help shine a light on less well (or not all) represented editorial topics that I wanted to share on Boston Mamas. You can read more about each of the new contributors here, and please feel free to drop me a line if there is anything you would like to see covered in particular from these folks! Meanwhile, please welcome:

Hillary, who, as a seasoned lifestyle writer and current staffer at Mass Audubon, will share awesome ideas for encouraging nature/wildlife exploration.

Priya, who, among other topics, will share from the less common perspective as primary breadwinner (working 60+ hours a's a miracle she has time/interest to write here, no?) with her husband staying at home with the kids.

Debbie, who, among other topics, will share editorial relevant to adoptive parents.

Judy, who, among other topics, will write about relationships within and outside of the family unit.

Jane, who, among other topics, will share from the lens of a relative newcomer to the city (fresh eyes!) and as the mother of a larger family (she has 4 kids).

Miriam, who will cover a large range of editorial and also share from the Roslindale side of the city.

Jennifer, who, among other topics, will share from the perspective as a mom of multiples and a professional health educator.

Thanks again to all those who applied to write!

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