Family Friendly Flatbread

flatbread.jpgToday, Kate shares a fantastic spot to eat (and play) with the kids:

My daughter is now six, which means that she is generally old enough to contentedly make it through a restaurant meal without complaint, provided that the food is not too complicated and the atmosphere not too fussy (crayons can help, too). Gone, happily, are the days when we would ask for the check not long after sitting down and have our meals packed to go before taking more than a bite or two.
Now I have the luxury of looking for restaurants that can appeal to all of us: restaurants with menus that are both adult- and kid-friendly, with a vibe that is grown-up without being stiff, where the service is friendly and reasonably quick, and the bar serves beer on tap. One such restaurant graces the Davis Square neighborhood of Somerville, bringing a menu of eclectic, organic pizzas and salads, as well as yummy desserts and local brews: Flatbread. Founded in Amesbury in 1998, Flatbread now offers eight restaurants in New England (including multiple Massachusetts locations) + one in Hawaii. Also awesome? The Davis Square location shares space with Sacco's Bowl Haven, an old-school wooden candlepin alley -- dating from 1939 -- that is nothing but fun. Whether you are drawn to the pizza or the bowling, Flatbread in Davis Square offers a fun spot for your loved ones of all ages.

Editor's Note: I visited Flatbread with Kate recently and another thing that won me over? I was struggling to decide between two pizza flavors and the waitress encouraged me to do a half-half split, which I had assumed was not an option given that the pizzas each had lots of little components to them. I was thrilled -- it's the little things!