5 Frump-Free Slippers

slippers-grace-acorn.jpgJon and I have always been a no-shoes household. Partially due to habit for me and also because I'm all about reducing the need to break out a broom or mop (and of course it's handy when you have orally fixated babies roaming around). Since we have hardwood floors that are freezing in the winter and cool the rest of the year round, slippers are a mainstay. I recently tossed my cheap (and admittedly frumpy) slippers and have been looking for a frump-free replacement. I queried on social media and also perused over a dozen online stores looking for inspiration. Though I hoped to include some under $20 picks, there definitely seems to be a correlation between price and frump factor. Here are 5 frump-free slipper options; some are a little spendy, but the cost per wear would probably work out well if you wear slippers daily.
1. Stacey (via the Boston Mamas Facebook community) recommended checking out Garnet Hill. These Grace thong slippers by Acorn ($55; click thumbnail above to enlarge image) would be perfect for spring/summer.

2. Tracy (via the Boston Mamas Facebook community) recommended L.L. Bean's wicked good moccasins ($59). Moccasin slippers are common but of course I dig that these are called wicked good. Also, I recommend opting for something other than the common brown -- perhaps this pink.


3. @haleytweetstoo (via Twitter) recommends Lands' End for slippers. I'm not 100% on the contrast stitching, but I do like how different these nautical skimmer slippers are. Perfect for prepsters. Also currently on sale for $29.99!


4. Alison (via the Boston Mamas Facebook community) shared that she received a pair of Tory Burch slippers ($128) from her mother-in-law as a gift. Lucky, lucky!


5. @ameliasprout and @kmsmphd on Twitter recommended Halflinger slippers. These red cat slippers ($75)? ADORBS. I think I'm going to order these (and perhaps also the Grace thongs) after I publish this post. Haflinger and Acorn are very prolific in the slipper market; lots of options to choose from!


Do you have other slipper recommendations? I'd love to hear about them in the comments. Meanwhile, enjoy keeping your feet warm!