Fill A Cup, Feed A Dream

fill-the-cup.jpgThrough my work at The Mission List and via my travel to Ethiopia with ONE Moms, I've been thinking a lot about the hunger crisis this year, and taking small actions to contribute towards eradicating global hunger. Today I wanted to share about the World Food Program's Fill a Cup, Feed a Dream school meals program. The World Food Program views hunger as a problem that can be solved; they use a red cup to feed kids healthy, nutritious school meals and also as a symbol of hope. Amazingly, it only takes 25 cents to fill a red cup with porridge, rice, or beans and give kids a monthly ration to take home. Crazy, right?
fill-the-cup-west-elm.jpgI have no red cups in my cupboard but countless other glass and ceramic cups. Thinking about the World Food Program's red cup program reminded me of browsing around West Elm with Laurel a couple of weeks ago. We both admired this adorable red owl mug. I thought about buying it but remembered my cupboard replete with glass and ceramic cups and thought, "Oh, we have plenty of cups...we don't need this."

Thing is, I had that choice to make. I feel grateful for that. And so, I just made a $10 donation to the World Food Program -- what I would have paid for that cute owl mug will instead fill 40 red cups.

And now it's time for me to pass the virtual red cup. You can share this post for reference, or read more at The Mission List. Simply pass the cup by linking to people in a blog post, tweeting at them (use #fillthecup @wfpusa), or tagging people on Facebook. Today I'm formally passing my virtual red cup to some of my fellow ONE Moms -- Asha Dornfest, Liz Gumbinner, Gabrielle Blair, Karen Walrond, Diana Prichard -- who will understand why I wept over the beauty of the below and other photos in this album: