swipe.jpgToday, Lindsey (also of A Design So Vast) shares a favorite game:

My children are crazed for board games. We have teetering stacks of game boxes in our family room and I feel like every time I straighten couch cushions I find a stray die. There are definitely some favorites, some default choices that they like to play the best. One of these is Swipe. My son picked it out one afternoon with my mother and brought it home, and from the first time we played we were both hooked.
Swipe is a dice game whose rules are simple. The dice have simple icons on each side which each dictate an action: pick another die, pick a chip, swipe a chip from your opponent, swipe a die from your opponent, give a die or a chip back. It's both easy and absolutely addictive. My son and I play for long stretches of time, him giggling as he gets to take chips from me, shouting "swipe" as he does so. Of course it's all luck, but for a 7-year-old that's irrelevant. He finds it wildly entertaining and therefore so do I.

Swipe would be a great game to take on a road trip or on vacation. It packs up compactly into a small, easy-to-transport plastic box. We take it away with us on weekends and it's always the game that my son chooses. It is perfect as a small gift, a stocking stuffer, or a house present for the children of a host family. Everyone at my house highly recommends Swipe!