Diapers By Mail

seventh-generation.jpgSince Violet's birth, I've developed a bad habit of waiting until the last minute to restock on disposable diapers. So I've been thrilled with Diapers.com, which I've ordered from twice so far. The site offers many things other than diapers, but I've used them to replenish my Seventh Generation diapers and wipes. And since I'm keen on garnering online shopping discounts and free shipping: 1) via Retail Me Not I found a coupon code (FIVEAFF) for $10 off my first order; 2) Diapers.com has a loyalty program offering $5 off every case of diapers purchased; and 3) if you spend over $49 (not hard with diapers and wipes), shipping is free, which brings the SG diapers to a very competitive 25 cents/diaper. Both times I've ordered, the diapers have arrived the next day -- perfect for this procrastinator!