14 Posts For Breastfeeding Moms

world-breastfeeding-week.jpgI know many, many moms who have experienced breastfeeding woes, so I feel gratitude every day that nursing has worked out so easily and so well for me and my girls. In honor of tomorrow's kick off of World Breastfeeding Week, I wanted to share a roundup of 14 helpful posts (including one that's actually handy post-nursing) for breastfeeding moms; most are from my feeding and nursing archive, of which there are many more articles if you wish to peruse! Whether you've nursed your baby for one day or one or more years, you've given your baby a great gift. Go mamas!
1. Investigating gear? Here's a pump primer.

2. How to balance nursing and pumping in the early months.

3. Advice for handling formula obsessed relatives (be sure to read the comments too; lots of great suggestions there).

4. A way to keep track of nursing frequency and side.

5. Hands down (or should I say hands free?), the best nursing purchase I've made this go around.

6. A great resource for new moms, including tips on breastfeeding.

7. A recent guest post I shared at Bravado's blog, including 5 tips for active breastfeeding moms.

8. I'm already thinking ahead a month or two to when I start introducing Violet to solids (e.g., mixing breastmilk with a little cereal) and will be using this resource a lot.

9. One of my Stonyfield columns on infusing calcium into your diet -- especially important for nursing mamas!

10. No joke, I have been living in these nursing tanks since Violet was born.

11. Tips for handling biting during breastfeeding.

12. How to handle breastfeeding when returning to work.

13. The dad factor and breastfeeding.

14. And what to do once you're done with your nipple cream.

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Image credit: World Breastfeeding Week