In Memoriam, Sarah Feather

writers_sarah.JPGIt is with immense sadness that I share that yesterday, contributing writer Sarah Feather died following her spirited battle with cancer. Sarah not only offered fashion and lifestyle inspiration here at Boston Mamas and elsewhere, but for the last couple of years she has documented her journey with cancer at The Carcinista with impressive wit and candor. Sarah is survived by her husband Ed, sons Whit and Avery, and countless friends and family who undoubtedly will always remain in awe of her spirit, humor, and impeccable sense of style.
I still have not fully wrapped my brain around the fact that Sarah will not live to a ripe old age; she should have made it to 40 (and far, far beyond that). In her honor and for your own awareness, please read and share her post on knowing the signs of ovarian cancer, and listen to and share her recent podcast interview regarding her journey with cancer and decision to cease treatment in order to regain quality of life with her friends and family. Donations in Sarah's honor may be directed to Natick-based Ovations for the Cure and First Descents in Colorado.

Sarah, you will be sorely missed. Thank you for all of the gifts you have shared with so many.