Crocs Go Chameleon

crocs-chameleon.jpgEver since Laurel became upwardly mobile, I couldn't help but notice the proliferation of Crocs on kids, but Laurel never showed much interest (save the collecting potential of jibbitz) due to her desire for all things girly. And apparently it's amazing what a flower cut out and the right colors can do. I recently received a pair of Crocs Chameleons Shirley Girls to test out with Laurel and she pretty much wore them for three days straight out of the box. Comfortable (Laurel immediately tore down the sidewalk as soon as she put them on) and girly, the additional hit feature of these shoes is that they change color in the sun. Initially white, within seconds of sun exposure on Friday, Laurel's shoes turned violet (which she of course loves, given our little Violet). And even during the weekend's overcast weather, we found that the shoes still turned color, just not as deep.
Available in styles and colors to suit boys and girls, Crocs Chameleons are limited edition and just debuted on Friday, so if you're looking for comfy, breathable, beach and park happy shoes that also happen to perform magic tricks, hop on over to Crocs and get a pair before they run out!