A Welcome Household Bug

hexbug.jpgToday, Heather recommends a welcome household bug:

My four kids are have gone buggy over Hexbugs -- little robotic creatures that behave like real bugs...but without the germs! Emma received a Hexbug Original as a gift and because her younger triplet siblings would not relent when it came to playing with it, the "colony" has now grown and my house is officially infested with nanos and ants.
Hexbugs come in different colors and shapes and move via vibration; some react to loud sounds, while others are solar powered. My kids, who love when the Hexbugs flip over and pop back up, are now begging for the crab and inchworm.

You can purchase Hexbug habitats, but so far we've created our own using blocks and pillows and other structures in the house, which has worked perfectly well. And yes, thankfully no exterminator is required.