Doink Go the Darts

doink-it-dartboard.jpgSince her birthday in September, Laurel has had her heart set on acquiring a Doinkit Dartboard, and she was fortunate to receive one for Christmas from one of her aunties. And the dartboard has been a big hit, not just for Laurel, but, well, for the grownups too. The lightweight board's magnetic darts make dart tossing safe and kid-friendly, and the magnetic attraction is wonderfully forgiving for those with less than stellar aim.
Whether due to laziness, or simply because we ran out of steam after our marathon pre-holiday wall hanging adventure (which included this awesome staircase gallery wall project), we have yet to hang the dartboard, but no matter. Over the holidays, Laurel's aunts and uncles took turns holding up the dartboard (while Laurel and her cousin took turns firing was pretty comical), and at present, we simply prop the dartboard wherever we feel like playing, whether it's leaning on a chair or couch, or on the bench against the wall in our entryway. I love that: a) we've found that misses often bounce off whatever the board is propped on and attach to the board (minimizing the frustration factor); and b) we don't have to worry about holes in the wall (from hanging or tossing real darts).