Gather Here

gather-here.jpgToday, Kate shares a craftastic fantasy that now is a reality:

Allow me a moment to admit to a fantasy. In my fantasy, I own a small and pretty shop that allows me to combine my love of baking, sewing, knitting, and beautiful things in a single place that is warm and welcoming and also somehow turns a profit and allows me to live stress-free and in creative happiness. For me, this is but a fantasy, but the creators of Gather Here -- a new 'stitch lounge' located on Broadway in Cambridge -- have managed to turn it into a reality.
Gather Here is everything one would want in such a place: colorful, bright, friendly, and full of yarn and fabric and thread and buttons. The store is brand-new and the owners are still finding their way, but the early returns are extremely promising. The customer service is helpful and knowledgeable and the selection is as good as one would find at a similar store in Boston or New York. A calendar chalked on the wall promises classes for adults and kids and such wonderful-sounding events as 'Crafty Cocktails' and 'Knitter's Breakfast,' all complete with snacks. Gather Here is local, independent, and offers everything and more for knitters and sewists, both amateur and experienced.

Gather Here, 370 Broadway, Cambridge; Tel: 781-775-9504