La Esquina Studio

la-esquina.jpgToday, Kate shares a great local spot to learn to sew with kids:

My 6-year-old daughter likes to watch me knit and sew, and often asks when she will be old enough to join in. I have so far hesitated, being not quite confident that her little hands are ready to carefully handle sharp needles and scissors and small pieces of thread. A recent trip to La Esquina Studio in Cambridge, however, convinced me that she is nimbler and more capable than I would have expected, and more ready to sustain the attention needed to see a project through to completion.
La Esquina is a small shop/studio, owned by two friends and dedicated to selling unusual and independently produced items for children and women. In addition, tucked into the back of the store is a wonderful studio -- chock full of patterns and fabrics and buttons and bright, bursting color -- for teaching children how to sew. Christine, one of the owners of La Esquina, confidently sat my daughter right down in front of a full-sized sewing machine, sitting with her and coaching her through its operation. Working together for two hours, the three of us produced -- from scratch! -- a headband for my daughter to wear, complete with a handmade mesh flower on top. Christine doesn't use kits or simplified tools, instead calmly taking her young pupils through all of the steps and skills necessary to create with fabric. La Esquina offers both private and group classes for children and adults, as well as birthday parties and other activities.