We Need A Girl's Name

letterpress-nametag.jpgNow that we've officially switched from count up to count down mode with this pregnancy (7 weeks to go!), many people have asked what we're naming our second daughter. And as with many responses to questions (e.g., Have you figured out child care? Where will the baby sleep? What do you need for baby stuff?) associated with my remarkably laid back approach to this pregnancy, the answer has been, "Hmm...I have no idea." But a few things recently suggested that it's time to get a move on thinking about this name business -- and I'm hoping you can help me out here:
First, Jon and Laurel composed a hilarious song called, "We Need A Girl's Name." Every time they sing it, I crack up. And then remember that we really do need a girl's name.

Second, I recently thought, "Boston Mamas readers always have great ideas when I float out queries...maybe I should ask about baby names." Then at Altitude Summit last week, Tina Roth Eisenberg shared that she did just that when she was expecting. My first thought was, "Oh no, now I can't do that!" But I decided to go for it anyway. So here we are.

Third, while at the Salt Lake City airport, a cashier -- a lovely woman (from Africa, she later shared) -- looked at me and asked very assuredly, "What are you naming your daughter?" It was almost as if she could see through my belly. Which was both cool and a little freaky.

So far, Jon, Laurel, and I have bounced around some ideas and come up empty handed, and this is where I hope you can help us. Here are some thoughts on the type of name we'd like:

1. A name that isn't completely commonplace but isn't totally bizarre.

2. A name that is nature-inspired like Laurel's would be a lovely parallel but isn't essential.

3. A name with a positive meaning.

4. I tend to prefer 2+ syllable names, though this is not essential and I definitely welcome killer one-syllable names.

5. For a while Laurel was bent on her sister having a name that also started with "L" and was six letters. She has eased up on that idea, but bonus points if you can come up with one!

So my lovely community, thoughts? Please comment in below to share!

Image credit: Super cool retro letterpress nametags from Josh Korwin/Three Steps Ahead on Etsy