Work, Life, & Parenting, Part I

life-style-episode-9.jpgThis week on Life.Style, I engaged in the first of a two-part (at this point...the conversation could have continued for hours!) series on work, life, and parenting; definitely check out the episode if you didn't see it live on Thursday. I chatted with Erin Kane and Kristin Brandt of Manic Mommies about everything from the financial implications of opting out, the pros/cons of working in an office vs. working at home, resources for launching your own business, and strategies for finding personal time and getting a handle on home logistics. Check out the episode for full commentary and inspiration, but for easy reference, below are the conversation point links that were shared during the interviews.
Conversation points with Erin Kane & Kristin Brandt

Financial implications of opting out (by Katy Read)
Work/life balance myth (re: Christine Koh's Blissdom panel)
Work/life balance myth (re: Lisa Belkin interview)
Equally Shared Parenting
Working Moms Against Guilt
Top 5 books for women looking to start their own business (and also, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose)