Props for Posto

posto-somerville.jpgSometimes, for seemingly unexplainable reasons, certain retail locations appear cursed. Take for example, the site of Posto in Davis Square, which didn't survive as the café chain Carberry's (despite a seemingly thriving business; they closed well before the Lyndell's acquisition), and then as another food outlet (The Green Tomato maybe?), and who knows what else before that. But Posto -- a well styled purveyor of wood fired pizza, pasta, and other Italian delights -- seems well positioned to reverse the curse.
With its high ceilings, open window front, pretty wine bar, and chic and sometimes unusual details (Laurel and I really like the quirky water spigots in the bathroom), Posto offers a classy, urban eatery at the edge of Davis Square. Jon and I have yet to try a pizza we didn't like (we've probably sampled about five or so thus far), and we've also enjoyed the salads, calamari, and ravioli. Posto also is kid friendly, offering a kids' menu on an activity sheet + crayons (and, importantly, friendly service towards kids). Laurel has been very happy with the pizza, as well as the spaghetti and meatballs (if your child won't share the meatballs, you can order them as an appetizer). The service has been great every time we've visited, and one simple but nice touch is that they leave a big glass bottle of water on the table (I'm big on hydration).

Now, one thing. The secret's been out on Posto for a while; indeed, I have no idea why it's taken me so long to post about them. We've found that with kids in tow, the perfect window to hit the restaurant is by 5:30/6pm. There will be plenty of tables available, it's pretty quiet, and the food will come in good time. But not too long after that, most nights a line will start forming out the door and the decibel level and wait times increase, even since they've converted a large side room from storage into additional seating.

So get there early and enjoy. Hooray for another tasty, grownup eatery that happily accommodates kids, and here's to keeping that locale curse reversed.

Posto, 187 Elm Street, Somerville; 617-625-0600

Image credit: Posto