In The Moment

Hello friends! So, my original plan was to line up all sorts of awesome editorial to publish from New York, but the truth is, I've been buried in client work (all fun and awesome, but still...) and this pregnancy recently has been kicking my rump a little in terms of general fatigue. However, and more importantly, BlogHer -- and the ability to connect in real life with so many talented writers and friends whose work I admire -- only comes around once a year and I want to be present in the moment while I'm there, not holed up in my hotel room posting and moderating comments. So, I'll be off for a few days and hope you have a fantastic rest of the week! And if you need your Boston Mamas fix while I'm away, peruse the archives (scroll down in the left column to read by month or category), which include over 2000 (!) posts, or you can see what I'm chatting about in New York over on Twitter. And of course, if you'll also be at BlogHer, please come say hello if you see me!