Dear Boston Mamas: Friendship Anniversaries

aircraft-aerial-arts.jpgToday's Dear Boston Mamas question comes from Liz via e-mail:

Hey Christine! A friend and I are celebrating our "friendship anniversary" and wanted some new ideas of things to do. What's a friendship anniversary? My best friend and I wanted to make sure we took the time each year to celebrate what a fantastic and rewarding friendship we have -- we've been friends for 29 years! Think about it -- we never really think about the close relationships we have with our friends... a lot of the time we have relationships with friends longer than we've been with our significant others. Though thick & thin (waists), good times and bad, celebrations and memorials -- our friendship has always been there for us -- why not celebrate it!? On our anniversary "night out" (day/night) we try to do something other than just going out for drinks and dinner (which is nice, but not as special as we'd like). One year we did indoor skydiving, which was a blast, and we're looking for new, fun ideas (that don't cost an arm and a leg). Any ideas?

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Dear Liz,

Thanks for writing in. As someone who has a number of friendships dating back to elementary school, I think this is a fantastic idea. Really, I'm going to need to steal it. But before I do that, let me address your question.

Given the longevity of your friendship and the general pulse of the blogosphere these days, the first thing that came to mind was life lists. I'm not sure where the idea originated from, but the lovely Maggie Mason has become well known for hers (she's even had major companies sponsor her to achieve items on her life list) and the equally lovely Karen Walrond is very active in pursuing her life list (which was inspired by Maggie).

So you may be wondering, why is Christine babbling on about life lists? The point is, I think it would be really cool for you and your friend to generate life lists together. Don't be self conscious; simply jot down anything that springs to mind, no matter how small or grand. You'll likely end up with a list that varies in terms of spendy-ness and geographic proximity. Then, see where your life lists intersect. Given your long running friendship, I have a feeling one or more things on your lists will overlap (or at least be in the same ballpark). Then see if you can tackle one of your shared life list items for your friendship anniversary. (Though honestly, the prospect of drafting life lists together over some awesome food and a bottle of wine would be a pretty fitting anniversary event too!)

Now, I don't want to shirk my responsibilities here so I will toss out a few fun ideas that came to mind, suitable for a life list or just general fun:

  • Take an aerial class (my sister Stephanie is currently rocking classes at Aircraft Aerial Arts).

  • Take a lesson from a chocolatier (I know vianne chocolat offers chocolate parties; I'd recommend calling to see if she'll give you and your friend a private lesson).

  • Hike a mountain (there's no shortage of location ideas at Local Hikes).

  • Make ravioli from scratch. (Kate recently purchased a ravioli maker and I have been drooling over the possibilities.)

  • Indulge in a day spa session, including the full body treatment (locally, Bliss Spa is a great option, or here are a collection of spa getaways in striking distance of Boston).

  • Spend an afternoon shopping together with a stylist (you'll need more in the coffers here, but would be so fun).

  • Learn a new paper craft (check out Paper Source's workshops).

  • Om your way through a yoga retreat.

  • Learn how to knit (why have I not been to Newbury Yarns yet?).

  • Learn how to make wine (remind me to visit Boston Winery when I'm done being pregnant).

    I hope these ideas are helpful Liz! I'd love to here what you and your friend end up doing for your friendship anniversary.

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    Image credit: Douglas Levy via Aircraft Aerial Arts

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