Banana Splits for a Cause

christine-koh-banana-split.jpgThanks to an invitation from Electrolux (who kindly handled my travel and accommodations), earlier this week I had the pleasure of traveling with Laurel to New York City for an event to benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. With the incredibly gracious and down to earth Kelly Ripa as hostess, and Serendipity 3's Stephen Bruce as banana split master, the kids got to go nuts in the kitchen (Laurel left no topping unturned) while the grownups learned about a sweet new virtual campaign.

So here's the scoop: now through September 7, 2010, for each day you create a virtual banana split, Electrolux will donate $1 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (up to $40K, which is part of a $750K commitment to the cause). After you make your banana split, you also can opt in to enter to win other goodies (including a stand-alone refrigerator and freezer from's a split unit...get it?).

What I dig about this campaign (similar to the Bread Art Project) is that it makes it super easy for people to contribute to a cause while having a little creative fun along the way. I built my banana split (pictured) in honor of contributing writer and friend Sarah (who is currently kicking ovarian cancer to the curb), and it only took a few seconds and was free (both in cost and fat). It was an honor to be present for the launch of this terrific campaign, and I hope you'll take a few seconds to build a banana split for a loved one or the cause in general.

Finally, I have to say that Kelly Ripa totally won me over. Prior to the event I didn't feel strongly about her positively or negatively, but she was incredibly kind and generous in making the rounds to talk to each and every child and parent. After the group photos she marveled over how amazingly cute and well behaved our kids were. She complimented Laurel's necklaces and her big balloon princess hat, and when I told Kelly how much Laurel and I adored her shoes (towering Brian Atwood nude pumps), she immediately credited someone else in the room for finding them for her. I'm glad the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund has her in their corner this summer.