The Sweet Smell of Soaptopia

soaptopia.jpgDuring my recent quest for non-tchotchke awesomeness for Jon's birthday, I was thrilled to discover Soaptopia (another lead from my pals at Cool Mom Picks; thanks ladies!). Operated by a team that clearly has a sense of humor (see the names of their soaps, for example) and is immensely passionate about natural body products (a quick tweet asking for man product recommendations led to an impressively thorough e-mail response about options), I pretty much think it's impossible to go wrong with anything from this online shop.
Soaptopia's soaps are chunky and beautiful and wonderful feeling; I ordered Jon the Pepper-Lyptus REX and Grapefruit Gatsby, which he actually still needs to crack into, but if the shaving soap is any indication, they will deliver the awesome. Jon loves the shaving soap; it's mild in smell, moisturizing, and he prefers it to the shaving lotions I have gifted in the past, both in terms of saving on packaging and also because he's convinced that lotions and potions clog up our sinks.

And for days when you want to give your skin a little more love, Soaptopia's salt rubs are fantastic. These oil, honey, and salt scrubs are infused with essential oils (the black spruce and lavender is wonderfully invigorating) and leave your skin smooth and moisturized. The 50/50 body balms also deliver. I ordered the lime and coconut (admittedly a tad selfish; I'm obsessed with all things coconut) and though this is a body butter, the composition is light (almost a whipped feeling) and it moisturizes beautifully without any greasy residue. Yummy.

Finally, I'm really looking forward to trying Soaptopia's salt soaks. I love baths and don't get around to them often, but given how happy I've been with the aforementioned products, I think the salt soak will be worth the requisite pre-soak tub scrubbing (which I should do anyway, I know), or perhaps I'll tote it on Jon and my next getaway.

In short, I heart Soaptopia's products. They make for wonderfully thoughtful and useful gifts, whether to loved ones or yourself. Oh, and Soaptopia also makes gifting super easy by way of beautiful packaging. Literally, all I did was stick a bow on top of the box when I gave Jon the package.