Get Creative at Muckykids

mucky-kids.JPGToday, Kate recommends a great place to get messy with your kids:

"Although I generally enjoy apartment life, I do occasionally regret that we lack an extra room in which my daughter could give free (e.g., messy) reign to her artistic creativity. Given the chance, she loves nothing more than to cover herself in paint and glitter up to the elbows -- with some in her hair for good measure -- and we just don't have a space in which she can easily do that at home. Happily, the newly opened Muckykids Art Studio in the Porter Square neighborhood of Cambridge offers just the solution.
Owned and run by a local mother, teacher, and entrepreneur, Muckykids is a warm and inviting space filled with kid-sized furnishings and more art supplies and equipment than you can imagine. It's also bustling with kid-oriented and kid-driven projects, and the environment is so relaxed and encouraging that even the shyest kids feel comfortable trying out new things and testing out their artistic ideas.

Muckykids offers a mix of classes and open studio times during the week, and even hosts birthday parties. Muckykids is new to the neighborhood and is a wonderful addition for families; try it out and watch your little one light up at the opportunities there.

Muckykids Art Studio, 1776 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge; 617-354-0540