Cute, Decent Coverage Bikinis

lands-end-aquaterra.jpgOne thing that used to curb my shopping at Lands' End was that they never offered flat percentage discounts + free shipping. And whether they started listening to consumer complaints (admittedly, I grumbled about this issue on Twitter at least once or twice), or simply decided to jump on the bandwagon with all the other online retailers, it's all good: LE has been offering lots of online deals of late. And while I recently took advantage of one of said deals, in addition to stocking up on Laurel's tankinis and action sandals, I was thrilled to find that this year's collection includes some cute women's bikinis with decent coverage.
I should say that it wasn't until last year that I decided to return to the land of bikinis (after a decade-long hiatus). Part of the motivation was a personal challenge via the Shredheads, and part was from hearing the encouraging words of my college friend Kim, who said -- when I asked her how to shop for bikinis -- something along the lines of, "Key feature? Confidence! Cannot be sold in stores!" Since then, I've been a bikini convert.

Well, sort of. Because the thing is, I'm picky. And also admittedly still a little self conscious. I don't quite have the courage to wear tiny string bikinis, many non-string bikinis still seem to have very small bottoms, and I don't like tops with tie closures because I'm modestly endowed and subsequently fret that one big wave will leave me with a bikini top floating around my neck (which used to happen all the time when I was a kid). In all of my bikini hunting last and this season, I've been surprised by how challenging it is to find bikinis that are somewhat affordable, offer decent coverage, and have secure closures (not string ties) on top.

So that's why I wanted to share my two recent finds from Lands' End. The first is the super cute AquaTerra Hibiscus Floral bikini top and matching bottom. This suit definitely projects a more sporty look (I could totally play beach volleyball in this bikini if I, you know, knew how to play beach volleyball), I love the print (I chose tango hibiscus; shown above), the top fits securely, and the bottom is especially great. It looks cute and modern but covers the seat and has a wide waistband to prevent the dreaded cinching and pinching effect.

The second suit I bought is the Isla Morada Scrolls Floral bikini top and matching bottom. The top is a classic bra-style top with adjustable straps and secure closures and a bit of silver hardware to add a little punch. Like the hibiscus suit, the bottom also covers the seat beautifully, but features an asymmetrical fold-over waistband that you can adjust to your liking across the midsection. Both the hibiscus and floral scrolls bikinis are well made and will last many seasons with proper care (I hand wash in cold water).

It still blows my mind a bit that a bikini bottom alone can cost $35 (or more), so that's where the sales come in. Sometimes Lands' End's sales are available directly on site, and other times via the mailing list. I bought both of these suits plus Laurel's tankinis and sandals at 25% off + free shipping, which made for fantastic deals across the board. So I suggest keeping an eye out for the next sale then stocking up. It's not even May and I'm in the (very unusual) position of being totally set for summer beach fun.

Editor's Note: I just hopped on the Lands' End site and they're having a swimwear sale, up to 40% off, ending Thursday, April 29. You'll just need to decide whether you want to hold out for a combined discount + free shipping deal or get your desired suit while it's in stock.