Dear Boston Mamas: Easter Dining With Kids

boston-magazine-nest.jpgToday's Dear Boston Mamas question comes from @papaproducts via Twitter:

Hey @bostonmamas do you have ideas for places to go out to Easter brunch/dinner with little kids? Have you seen a roundup of spots anywhere? Thanks!

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Dear @papaproducts:

Thanks for writing in! Both Boston Magazine and offer pretty pictorial Easter dining features that are worth perusing. And both handily include adult/kid pricing where relevant. I also recommend you check out OpenTable, where you can browse Boston area Easter brunch and dinner specials (that are, obviously, affiliated with OpenTable) and then make your reservation right there. Two birds with one stone, as it were.

Note, however, that a lot of the brunch specials are expensive regarding fixed kid pricing. As much as I love a fancy eating adventure, and as blissfully well behaved as my daughter Laurel is at restaurants, $25 for a kid seems a bit steep if they're going to eat, say, bunny shaped pancakes. (Note: I imagine the $25+ kid's menus are fancier than bunny shaped pancakes; I'm thinking in terms of what a kid will reasonably be up for eating.)

Subsequently, if you'd like to enjoy a grownup and festive meal while not breaking the bank, I recommend choosing a restaurant that is offering both their holiday + regular menus for Easter so you still have access to the kids menu. Where you choose to dine will depend on geography and what cuisine you have a hankering for, but I will say that I was thrilled to discover how kid-friendly Legal Sea Foods is (and they will offer their regular menu on Easter), and Sel de la Terre also is worth investigating. Sel de la Terre is so pretty and elegant and I recall being similarly surprised when I learned that they offer a kids menu.

Happy Easter! Please feel free to come back and comment in; I'd love to know where you end up booking.

Image credit: Boston Magazine Easter dining feature

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