Simple Love Lessons

Today, parent educator Hetti Wohlgemuth shares simple love lessons for Valentine’s Day:

Whether you are cynical or sentimental about Valentine’s Day, a day that inspires reflection about relationships seems worthwhile to me. Subsequently, here I share four simple love lessons to embrace on Valentine’s Day and every day.

1. Love yourself

This is a very good place to start on Valentine’s Day and every day. And I don’t mean loving yourself in a narcissistic way -- I mean loving yourself by honoring and respecting yourself simply because you are a unique, lovely, and purposeful human being. Affirming that you love yourself -- aloud or not -- is a healthy, good, and powerful thing.

2. Love your children

You will love your kids like no one else can or ever will. And here I don’t mean loving them and never letting them go -- I mean loving them unconditionally so that they can learn to let go and become wonderfully responsible, caring, and independent human beings.

3. Romanticize your marriage or partnership

Yes, it’s just as easy not to. It’s easy to put the kids first and shelve romance until, say, the kids go to college. But don’t wait -- a couple that is strong and stable will parent better. Do whatever you need to do to get out on your own as a couple from time to time and your whole family will thrive.

4. Love your friends

Tell your friends you love them! Research says that women live longer even if they have only one good friend, which completely makes sense to me given how good and nurturing it feels to talk to and be acknowledged by a friend who understands you.

These are simple tips, but they are the backbone of life. Enjoy celebrating love on Valentine’s Day and beyond!


Photo by Will Oey on Unsplash