Hooray for Oshi

oshi-mat.jpgAs someone who practices yoga regularly at home, I am -- unfortunately -- frequently reminded of my negligence in the vacuuming and sweeping department. And realistically, I just don't imagine improving on either of these chores once our baby arrives in March. So that's why I dig Oshi Mat. Currently available in four super cute styles, these recyclable foam mats are cushy, eco-friendly, bacteria resistant, easy to clean, and simple to tote (lightweight tote bag included). Instead of fretting about the fuzzies on one's rug, the inevitable and unidentifiable floor bits at mommy and me classes, and/or the pet hair on the rug at the in-laws, you can simply enjoy rocking tummy time with your baby. And who knows -- maybe these chic mats will even lift your spirits during those frequent diaper changes; I'm certainly going to give it a try.

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