DIY DSLR Camera Cozy

craft-dslr-cozy.jpgHands down, my best investment this year has been my DSLR and 50mm lens; having a great camera has inspired me to learn a new craft and take more photos of my loved ones. (Also, my camera/lens is known amongst my friends as the "hot camera" since everyone looks utterly fantastic photographed through it.) And so it's no wonder that I've been keen on protecting my investment. I adore the beautiful women's DSLR handbags currently on the market, but they do feel a bit permanent for someone who likes to switch bags as frequently as I do. So I recently decided to create a little bag (a camera cozy as it were) to tote my DSLR in bag du jour, and I'm honored that my DSLR camera cozy tutorial is now featured on the lovely Craft website. Enjoy!