Staying Fit During Pregnancy (& Beyond!)

running-shoes.jpgYesterday on BabyCenter's Momformation blog I guest posted on seven ways to stay fit during pregnancy (or really, any time!). Whether you're pregnant or looking to get rolling with a fitness plan, I hope you'll check it out. Also, a note on running (per a discovery I made after submitting the article to BabyCenter). I wrote off regular runs a few weeks ago (~20 weeks) because longer runs weren't feeling comfortable anymore. However, I recently discovered that doing intervals feels fantastic. So, I'll alternate walking and running (e.g., 5 minutes walking/3 minutes running) for ~3 miles. It feels great to sweat and get the heart rate up and so far has felt completely comfortable. And it seems like a fitting nod to how I started running in the first place, via the Couch to 5K program.

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